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How to Sync Your Facebook Contacts to iPhone

Category : Blog, How To, Social Media May 25th, 2013

1. Settings


To get started, head to your iPhone’s Settings menu and scroll down until you see Facebook.

Image courtesy of Apple

2. Facebook Settings


Although you already have the Facebook app on your phone, you have to sign in here to activate the functionality that lets you sync your contacts.

Image courtesy of Apple

3. Create Permission


Once you’ve signed in, the setting should default to “on” for contacts.

Signing in also syncs your Facebook events to your Calendar if you want it to — simply slide to “off” if you don’t.

Simply tap “Update All Contacts” to make the magic happen.

Image courtesy of Apple

4. Your Facebook Friends in Your Phone


If you load up the iPhone’s Contacts app, you should now see your Facebook friends in the list, complete with profile photos and relevant data taken from their Facebook profiles.

Image courtesy of Apple

5. Duplicate Contacts


Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid duplicating contacts if your Facebook friends are already in your Contacts app, but merging them is a relatively simple process.

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6. Link Contacts


To merge two contacts, simply go into one of the two contact pages then tap Edit at the top right-hand side.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page; under the Linked Contacts section, tap the plus icon next to Link Contact..

Image courtesy of Apple

7. Select Contact


Then select the contact you want to merge from your contacts list.

Image courtesy of Apple

8. Unified Info


Now you should see just one contact card, with all the info from your original contact and the Facebook data merged.

Image courtesy of Apple

9. Un-Syncing


If at any time you want to un-sync your Facebook friends from your iPhone’s Contacts app, head to your phone’s Settings menu, go into Facebook and slide the Contacts option to “off.”